Ecommerce with wings

An ecommerce application designed from the ground up to grow from a single person store to a multi national store.

Built on an awesome platform

Vespolina is build on Symfony 2, a next gen PHP open source platform

Open source

Free and open source. Understand our core coding and adjust when needed. No secrecy behind.


An open source project is only as good as its contributors. We are greatful for having the help of following contributors.

Richard ShankDaniel KucharskiLuis CordovaMichael WilliamsAlexandru Emil LupuRichard FullmerWillem-Jan ZijderveldMyke HinesGiulio De DonatoEugeny FominMatt DrollettesaithisFrancisco FacioniMatthias Esterl


Vespolina consists of a set of bundles which can to an extend be used individually.


Thanks for following sponsors for helping us out on server hosting and an awesome PHP IDE to develop with.